Twitter Fears Voice of Truth, Suspends Yemen’s Al-Masirah Network Accounts

Twitter Fears Voice of Truth, Suspends Yemen’s Al-Masirah Network Accounts

Commenting on the unjust measure, al-Masirah network condemned Twitter’s suspension of its accounts, and the accounts of a number of its employees simultaneously, calling for the widest campaign in solidarity with it.

Al-Masirah said in a statement: “Without any notice, Twitter has suspended, on Wednesday evening, our accounts and the accounts of many of our employees on the social media platform simultaneously, in a politicized and illegal move.”

The statement also emphasized rejection and condemnation of such move against the network’s accounts on Twitter, pointing to that this targeting unveils the fake slogans of freedom of opinion and expression, and a violation of Twitter lists which the subscribers abide by.

Al-Masirah further assured its audience that the attempts to silence the voice of the oppressed and cover the injustice practiced against Yemen in the past six years will fail. It also considered that such move is an admission of the defeat of parties of aggression against the logic, rhetoric and professionalism of Yemen’s al-Masirah network in covering the news of Yemen and the region.

The Yemeni news outlet also called all the free people for the widest campaign of solidarity with it against the paid targeting it is being subject to.

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