Indian and Terrorists links exposed by US magazine

The American magazine ‘Foreign Policy’ has exposed the links between India and terrorists before the world in its article ‘Indians and Central Asians are the new face of the Islamic State’.

According to the article, an increasing number of Indian and Central Asian links to plots outside their regions is dangerous for the neighboring countries.

In India, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has advanced a series of policies promoting a Hindu nationalist narrative openly hostile toward Muslims. The approach is fuming extremism in India, the article stated.

Links of involvement of Indians in attacks in Afghanistan and fighting in Syria have also been unearthed.

The attack on the prison in Jalalabad follows the earlier decision by ISKP to use an Indian fighter to attack a Sikh gurdwara—a place of worship—in Kabul, the article read.

The Islamic State officially announced the creation of an affiliate in India last year but has been hinting about involvement in Kashmir for years.

Indians involved in external jihadist attacks have until now been the exception. The few Indians who pursued jihad tended to do it at home in a limited fashion.

Only a few ventured beyond, like Dhiren Barot, a British-raised Hindu convert who was close to 9/11 organizer Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and was ultimately jailed for a plot to detonate a bomb in the U.K. in 2005.

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